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Your Story

Your first visit is dedicated solely to your concerns and your story. We are here to listen to what has been troubling you and to use your voice as a guideline on your journey towards getting better.

Based on the information you provide us; we will be able to tell if we can help you. You will be provided with x-rays (on site), and a hands-on physical examination to help us listen to, not only your words, but what your body is telling us as well.

We want you to always remember,
Problems are not stop signs; they are guidelines!

Our Solution

On your second visit we will give you a clear explanation of your findings, how long it will take, what the costs will be for that time frame and anything else that is needed for your journey back to health. Once you have the best understanding of your condition and what to expect based on the information provided, whether we proceed is entirely up to you and if you want to continue, we will do your first treatment on the spot and you can begin your journey back to health.

Your Self-Care

Over time you will notice an improvement in your health, and we want to make sure it stays that way! We will walk you through some self-healing exercises, stretches and other methods to ensure your condition stays at its best. We will teach you about the things that you should do to help with your selfcare and things to avoid that will hinder your condition.